Research projects

Traumatic Brain Injury and Endogenous Neurogenesis
Neural stem cells that reside naturally in the adult brain can become activated after brain injury and migrate to the sites of injury.  These cells aid in injury stabilization.  Learning how these cells migrate naturally to these injury sites is essential for augmenting their migrating and developing therapeutic interventions.
Traumatic Brain Injury and Hippocampal Plasticity
Brain injury and disease regulates dendritic plasticity (or remodlling) in the hippocampus, which leads to behavioral deficits.  Knowing how to prevent these dendritic changes may aid in the prevention of injury-induced functional deficits.
Traumatic Brain Injury and Cortical Connectivity
Brain injury and disease lead to a vast array of white matter plasticity.  Characterising these changes using MRI (DTi) and/or neuronal tracers will form the basis of an interventional therapy.